Is it because of convergence of the simulation tool ?

Hi,        I am using HyperLynx SI 8.2.1. When I simulate a particulartopology, I get a good result. In the same topology, If I increase thetrace length of a transmission line say from 0.5 inch to 1 inch I get agood result. Even If I make the length to 0.75 inch, I still get the sameresult.      i.e. if the length is equal to 0.5 inch/0.75 inch/1 inch, results aresimilar. Looks OK. But if I make the length to 0.65 inch or 0.85 inch,results become not OK. Looks with more ringing. What could be the reasonfor this? Is it related to convergence of the simulation tool?    Thanks  !-- Best Regards,Balamanikandan.K
kbmanick 7 years 6 months 19 days

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Answered byGert.Havermann 7 years 6 months 19 days
It depends on what results you are looking at and what the topology looks like. You can create resonances when two discontinuities have a certain distance, and the resonance will be less, or even not there at all when distance changes.BRGert