DDR controller board reference designs

Hi,JEDEC provides number of reference designs for memory boards. But Icouldn't find any controller board reference designs. Does any one aware ofreference designs for DDR2/DDR3 controller boards? If not, what is the goodway to start a controller board design my self?Ramya
Si-List 6 years 5 months 24 days

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Answered byyonghui.sky 6 years 5 months 27 days
Ramya, Intel X86 process, DSP, Embedded processor like ARM, MIPS are withintegrated DDR controller. So DDR controller reference design is dependingon different hardware design project. Here is TI DSP board for yourreference which has DDR3 design.http://support.spectrumdigital.com/boards/evm816x/reve/Peter-----
Answered bywtariq 6 years 5 months 28 days
Hello, It looks like you want to do an FPGA-based board design, since you plan on designing a memory controller. Remember, memory controller may not follow JEDEC recommendations, but usually conform to the standard. You have several options: 0. Read the spec from cover to cover and then start designing. :) 1. Pick a programmable family that has already a DDR2/DDR3 controller. You only have to be concerned with the board design constraints then. 2. If you want to design your own, then you can pick a programmable device whose manufacturer provide an IP Core that already provides a controller. 3. You can buy boards that are as low as $49.0 + shipping and handling charges (covert to local currency) , that has parts with DDR2/DDR3 memories. 4. There are companies that sell IPs that are just drop-in (well kind of), and do work at speed they have designed for. Based on the rate at which you want to run, you have to be very careful in your board design. As long as you are below 800 MHz, you can make it work without trace length de-skewing. Signal Integrity is highly recommend for both pre- and post-layout phases. Look at the website of the vendor your choice and you will find reference designs for boards that they sell. Good luck...DDR3 is pretty exciting to work with for 1866MT/s and above. Best, Waseem -----