DDR4 Simulation in Hyperlynx

Hi All,Could some one clarify me  on DDR4 simulation in Hyperlynx 8.2.1 :How the Data Mask for DDR4 can be verified in the Hyperlynx ;Can we check the eye mask in the oscilloscope as like DDR3 or do we need torun the Fast Eye simulation (since eye mask is specified with 10^-16 BER) ?Also how to verify the eye mask for 10^-16 BER ?Thanks & Regards,S Sankar
shankar.electronics 6 years 12 months 3 days

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Answered byArpad_Muranyi 6 years 12 months 3 days
I would highly recommend that you ask for helpfrom your nearest Mentor technical support teamwith HyperLynx specific questions.  That's whatthey are there for...Thanks,Arpad=================================================-----